Aldo Montecinos


Dr. Aldo Montecinos is an Associate Professor at the Department of Geophysics of the University of Concepcion since 2005. His main research interest has been focused on climate variability in Chile, including different variables as rainfall, streamflow, air and sea surface temperatures, and mountain and coastal winds. Dr. Montecinos has contributed to the knowledge of the El Niño – Southern Oscillation impacts along with the understanding of the decadal climate variability in the eastern South Pacific and Chile. As climatologist has also contributed to the study of the response of the coastal ocean and the atmosphere in Chile, particularly the hydroclimate system, to the anthropogenic forcing. His research has been based mostly on observational data but also on climate model outputs, using statistical methods. Along with his research activities, Dr. Montecinos teaches several courses in meteorology and climatology in the geophysics career, among which his multivariate statistical analysis and verification methods course stand out.